lesson 8

Lesson 8
New Vocabulary :

1. constitute : merupakan
2. classification : klasifikasi
3. primitive : primitif
4.indicates : menunjukkan
5.scientific : ilmiah
6.diverse : berbeda
7.propel : mendorong
8.crusted : kuli keras
9.discriminate : membedakan
10.nuclei : inti
11. decomposes : menguraikan
12.contains : berisi/memuat
13.compounds : senyawa/campuran
14.demonstrates : membuktikan
15.necessitate : mengharuskan
16.redefinition : pendefinisian ulang
17.premise : pendapat
18.Nevertheless : bagaimanapun
19.improves : meningkatkan
20.proposed : mengusulkan
The Idea Of Each Paragraph :

Definition of protozoa and their spesification
Protozoa is a kind of animals not plant
Many species of protozoans collect into colonies, almost 40,000 species of protozoans have been identified
Answer The Question :

1.D. Characteristic of protozoans
2.D. Very Small
3.B. The substance that forms the cell of a protozoan
4.A. The three major groups are unique in that they all move in the same manner
5.C. Sarcodina
6.C. It regulates growth
7.A. They do not live on simple organic compounds
8.A. Protozoans
9.C. They have a large cell and a smaller cell
Summary Of The Passage :

Protozoa are the oldest known group of heterotrophic life that consume and transform complex food particles into energy. Although protozoans are only made up of a single cell, these organisms manage to perform all the basic tasks of life. The protozoa are divided into four major groups: the ciliates, the flagellates, the heliozoans, and the amoebas.

lesson 9

Lesson 9

1. Precipitation : Pengendapan/ air hujan
2. commonly : biasanya
3.referred : menunjuk
4.atmospheric : udara
5. annual : tahunan
6. equally : dengan sama
7.typically : secara khas
8.factors : faktor
9.altitude : ketinggian
10.proximity : kedekatan
11.prevailing : berlaku
12.Gulf : teluk
13.Coast : pesisir
14.windward : atas angin
15.leeward : di bawah angin
16.substantially : pada hakekatnya
17.ascending : menaiki
18.therefore : oleh sebab itu
19.drier : drierlebih kering
20.diversity : keaneka ragaman
The Ideas Of Each Paragraph :

The definition of precipitation
Characteristic of precipitation
Answer The Question :

1.A. Precipitation
2.C. Rainfall
3.B. Rain, hail, and snow
4.A. Thirty-six inches
5.B. By four inches
6.C. Neamess to
7.D. The pacific coast
8.B. Latitude
9.A. Fundamentally
10. B. Precipitation
Summary Of The Passage :

The amount of precipitation that an area receives is a combined result of several factors, including location, altitude, proximity to the sea, and the direction of prevailing winds.


Lesson 13

commonplace : biasa
interconnected : saling berhubungan
revealed : mengungkapkan
awareness : kesadaran
inventive : berdaya cipta
congenially : cocok
cooperatively : kerjasama
incessantly : terus menerus
encouragement : dorongan
glider : pesawat peluncur
gilders : menyepuh
slightly : sedikit
maneuvering : mengatur siasat
efforts : usaha
guiding : membimbing
advantages : keuntungan
precisely : tepat
manned : diawaki
proportion : ukuran
combustion : pembakaran
The Ideas Of Each Paragraph :

Reason for the success of the Wright brothers
Distinguishing the Wright brothers from other engineers
Progress of research Wright brothers
Risks of research Wright brothers
Answer The Question :

A. The reasons why the Wright brothers succeeded in manned flight.
B. Mentioned
C. Constantly
B. They were gilder pilots.
C. Because they were important in the refinement of the wings for their airplane
C. Engine
A. Destined to fail
D. They did not have enough power to lift their own weight.
D. They were well funded.
Summary Of The Passage :

In spite of these advantages, however, the Wright brothers might not have succeeded had they not been born at precisely the opportune moment in history